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What to Note When Signing Labour Contract with Foreign Workers?

With the policy of opening the economy in Vietnam, not only Vietnam attracts investors to set up company, but also the demand for foreign workers in enterprises grows and diversifies. However, in order for Vietnam companies to be able to use foreign workers, they must sign a labor contract. After meeting the conditions specified in ... Read More
How to Prepare and Request for Imposition of Anti-dumping Measures in Vietnam

How to Prepare and Request for Imposition of Anti-dumping Measures in Vietnam?

Organizations or individuals representing a domestic industry (Requesting Party) have the right to submit an application of request for imposition of anti-dumping measures if seeing that goods are dumped thus causing injury to that domestic industry. The requesting party could themselves prepare or seek legal help from local international trade lawyers for representing and submitting an ... Read More
Bona Fide Possession of Property in Vietnam

What Bona Fide Possession of Property Are and How the Rights Are protected?

Possession in good faith means the possession that the possessor has bases to believe that he/she has the right to the property in Vietnam under his/her possession. Bona fide possessor is protected by the law on property rights. Owning this type of property might be subject to many potential disputes which parties should consult with ... Read More
Anti-dumping Law Firm in Vietnam

What Are Possible Anti-dumping Measures on Office Desk Products and Office Table Parts, Chairs and Chair Parts?

Anti-dumping measure imposed on imports of Vietnam is a measure imposed on products that are dumped when being imported to Vietnam, which causes material injury or threaten to cause material injury to domestic industry or retard the establishment of the domestic industry. According to regulations of the law, a product that is determined as dumped ... Read More
How Decision 942/QD-TTg on Crypto Currency Would Partly Solve Challenges for the E-Government of Vietnam?

How Decision 942/QD-TTg on Crypto Currency Would Partly Solve Challenges for the E-Government of Vietnam?

With the strong development of information technology, forms of online transactions has also gradually become a trend and develop strongly in Vietnam. In recent years  crypto currency has created a new phenomenon for the global economy that some countries have been deploying to use such as El-Salvador. However, not all countries accept crypto currencies especially ... Read More
Construction lawyers in Vietnam

What Are Penalty for Violations in the Field of Construction in Hanoi?

In any field, mistakes can occur but differ in actual consequences. Especially in construction activities, the consequences are difficult to predict, the violations in construction activities, to any extent, affect individuals and collective users. Therefore, the Hanoi City People's Council issued Resolution No. 07/2014/NQ-HDND prescribing the fine levels for a number of administrative violations in ... Read More
Dispute Settlement Method for Employees When Separating Enterprise

What Are Potential Disputes over the Settlement Method for Employees When Separating Enterprises?

In Vietnam, reorganization of an enterprise means the division, separation, consolidation, merger or transformation of an enterprise. In particular, when separating enterprises, in addition to legal issues related to enterprise separation procedures, registration for newly formed enterprises, the introduction of a plan for the employees of the separated company is also a matter of concern. ... Read More
Sell A House in Vietnam

Draft Decree on E-transactions in the Government Management of Land

In the era of technology 4.0, the application of science and technology in all activities of social life in general is increasingly focused. Vietnam government has introduced a number of policies on the application of electronic technology in administrative procedures, particularly the Draft Decree on Electronic Transactions in the management of land. Electronic transactions in ... Read More
What Are the Order of Disciplining Employee in Vietnam

What Are the Order of Disciplining Employee in Vietnam?

Labour discipline is the provisions on compliance matters relating to work time, technology and production and business management in labor regulations. It can be understood simply that when an employee violates the labor regulations, depending on the extent and regulations of the company, he or she will be subject to disciplinary action. The order of ... Read More

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