Improve the efficiency of management of capital inflows of foreign investment into Viet Nam

On Oct 2012, 29th, The Prime Minister of Vietnam issued Decision No. 1601/QĐ-TTg approved the project improve the efficiency of the management of capital inflows of foreign investment into Vietnam.

Accordingly, in order to improve the efficiency of inspection and monitoring of capital inflows in – out, building up a database on foreign direct investment flows timely, exactly, accurate and meet the requirements of the analytical work, forecasting and policy –making and administration of the foreign exchange market, balance of payments stability, and increasing foreign exchange reserves are reasonable, the Prime Minister has set out a number of task and strategic solutions for ministries and related units.

Specifically, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry, the study characteristics, the nature of foreign investment flows into Vietnam and the flow of capital abroad by foreign-invested enterprises are understood generally flows foreign direct investment; complete legal framework related to the management of foreign direct investment flows; strengthen the legal basis for the inspection, testing and monitoring to the extent related to management FDI inflows as promulgated legal documents inspection, monitoring and evaluation of foreign direct investment ..

This Decision takes effect from the date of signing.